Rather than a vast solar farm or a wind park out at sea, our units
are conveniently placed right at the use point and can be easily relocated.

Compact unit, big output

From a station the size of a shipping container, we supply
green energy 24/7, and a lot of it. The popular 2.1 MW 40-foot M4P2 model displaces a solar farm the size of 30 football pitches or (4) 132 meter tall wind turbines.

>99% exhaust reduction

This is where the real magic happens. Our M4P2 units run on
only a very small amount of biodiesel. Less than 1% of regular generators, which renders its footprint unbeatable for a total energy equation.


Active mobile power stations, deployed to clients


Megawatts output on our most popular model


Different types and sizes of power stations in portfolio


Gallon of biodieselconsumed per 24 hours

Secure Extra Green Energy Cheap

Lease mobile power stations

For a large reduction in your energy costs with the added flexibility of mobile
deployment, our M4P2, 2.1 MW units are the quick fix that also works great long term.

…or lease our technology portfolio

For a comprehensive long term solution for any country looking to take its green energy game to the next level, exclusive technology lease can be the way to go. It allows you to cut your energy costs even more by producing and operating the energy stations yourself.


Marshall Energy Inc has a narrow focus to provide the best solutions possible.

Mobile power stations for goverments

Request a quote energy supply agreement for governments
Our power stations can and are used by governments around the world. This can be to supply power for a long duration. Also the generator stations can be used as power backup for energy shortages.
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Mobile power stations for corporations

Request a quote Energy supply agreements for corporations
A backup generator to not just provide backup but can provide enough energy to restart all systems. It can be used as a backup, also as the energy supplement over the grid.
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Carbon Credit reductions

Face value Sells for carbon credits produced with our technologie.
Our technology is one if de most if not the most cost effective and supply’s real green renewable energy. This creates carbon credit offset. More information, contact us.
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Take the step to real green and renewable energy

The M4P2 technology has been granted a patent by the US Patent Office. Our technology can save up to 30% on electricity bills. It took over 30 years of research by Mr Marshall. We want to redefine the way we think about energy.

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