In just one day last week, Greenland lost more than 2 billion tons of ice

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Greenland is experiencing extreme melting, with experts predicting another record year as far as ice loss is concerned.

The island lost more than 2 gigatons — or 2 billion tons — of ice in a single day last week. To put that into perspective, it is the weight equivalent to 340 Giza pyramids80,000 Statues of Liberty, or 12 million blue whales.

The Arctic’s melt season is a natural event that takes place every year, starting in June and ending in August, with peak rates occurring in July. However, the scale of ice loss taking place right now is extraordinary. Experts have already made comparisons to 2012, which saw record-breaking ice loss when almost all of Greenland’s ice sheet was exposed to melt for the first time in documented history.