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Marshall Energy Inc. is an innovative energy company that is taking a revolutionary approach to power production. Through the leasing of their patented M4P2 Mobile Power Stations, they seek to reshape the future of global energy production. These mobile power stations are designed to provide a reliable source of power with minimal fuelling and maintenance costs, making them ideal for those looking for an efficient and cost-effective solution. Furthermore, Marshall Energy’s use of renewable sources paired with their ability to be deployed virtually anywhere make them an attractive option for people wanting a clean, sustainable source of energy.


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Micheal James Marshall

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Mobile power generation system

Our patented technology, M4P2 Mobile Power Stations, provides a sustainable way for end-users to access green and renewable energy sources. Our state-of-the-art mobile power stations offer reliability, flexibility, and innovation for businesses or individuals that are looking for a reliable and cost effective solution for their energy needs.

We are offering our patented M4P2 Mobile Power Station technology on a leasing basis, enabling businesses to access green and renewable energy solutions quickly and effectively, we will provide knowledge and experience to build the first 3 Mobile power stations.

A real green solution How we do it.
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If you are interested in leasing your patent for a specific purpose, region or company then let’s get in contact and discuss your options. Leasing patents can be a great way for companies, goverments to go green. Our technology is:

Fossil free, nuclear free, pollutant free – providing pure green stable sustainable innovative private and grid capacity electric -for energy companies and or private asset power supply around the world.