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With the help of patented technology by Mr Marshall, the Marshall Energy introduces a new path in sustainable clean and economic energy production.

The flagship product M4P2, a mobile power station which is outcome of 30 years of rigorous efforts by the inventor Mr. Marshall which is capable of generating 2MW power as well as capable enough to lighten up 2000 houses. The M4P2 can generate 100 times more electricity per gallon bio fuel than any other fuel-based generators.

It is the revolution in the market of fuel based generator as well as renewable energy production with the edge of higher reliability as well as higher efficiency and maintenance and space requirements

Mobile power generation system

On this page we provide you with some information about our patent technology mobile power generation station. Our solution for power problems around the world. Below you can visit a page that provides you with all the information. You can find a PDF version of our patent registration and emission test below.

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