With the help of patented technology by Mr Marshall, the Marshall Energy introduces a new path in sustainable clean and economic energy production.

The flagship product M4P2, a mobile power station which is outcome of 30 years of rigorous efforts by the inventor Mr. Marshall which is capable of generating 2MW power as well as capable enough to lighten up 2000 houses. The M4P2 can generate 100 times more electricity per gallon bio fuel than any other fuel-based generators.

It is the revolution in the market of fuel based generator as well as renewable energy production with the edge of higher reliability as well as higher efficiency and maintenance and space requirements


Mobile stations build


Active power stations


Megawatts produced


Gallons used

Mobile power generation system

On this page we provide you with some information about our patent technology mobile power generation station. Our solution for power problems around the world. Below you can visit a page that provides you with all the information. You can find a PDF version of our patent registration and emission test below.

A real green solution How we do it.

A green world The solution to the power problems of the world. Marshall Energy is fossil free, nuclear free, pollutant free – providing pure green stable sustainable innovative private and grid capacity electric -for energy companies and or private asset power supply around the world.

How it works

How it works, in brief
Our development teams coordinate in-house expertise from across our business to ensure cost efficiencies at every stage of a project. We also look to secure cooperation from and with local communities, authorities and energy companies – so we can achieve the best results. Balancing commercial, environmental and social concerns to develop cost effective, sustainable projects

When choosing a site, we consider a range of issues. These include land use, ecology, solar resource (or wind speed and terrain) and ease of access, as well as planning policies and proximity to people’s homes. Then, with knowledgeable in-house teams on hand for the technical and engineering challenges – such as resource assessment, procuring the most appropriate technology, civil engineering and grid connection – we get to work designing and building successful projects.

Design & Development

When developing and designing our projects, we involve local communities and commission independent environmental assessments. We are essentially guests on the sites at this stage, so we look to establish and maintain good relationships with landowners and the local communities. We also work closely with legal authorities to secure the necessary leases, planning and grid connection permits.

Our developers also work with legal and commercial teams to negotiate power agreements with local and national distribution companies – to agree off-take, financing, interconnection and transmission agreements, ready for construction or sale.


Maximize your renewable assets
Marshall Energy has well established asset management teams, and our clients benefit from the close relationships we establish and maintain with suppliers and service providers, throughout project lifecycles. This helps us continue maximizing renewable projects – some initially constructed over 20 years ago.

Our professional technical and engineering expertise are on hand when our clients need them.

World aid charity

Our founders and funders at Marshall Energy- have pledged $100,000 dollar donation per MW supplied in our attempt to re freeze the polar caps

The world is based on mutual thought by all CEO’s , Shareholders who have enjoyed the profits , the sunshine and enjoyed the harvest of our precious world. A real possibility to make a real impact and lower our sea levels to save our earth and all our future generations which call for us ‘all together’ to enlighten our world with responsible electric and a fast need to rejuvenate our world by use of technology and active participation.

Our intent is to donate 100000 MW worth of bonus to our charity through all our green global deals and hope your energy company will become a part of this challenge!