Revolutionary change in the energy world

‘We will light up the world’s energy

Where green energy is concerned, the world is on the point of changing drastically. That, in any case, is the mission of Marshall Energy Worldwide. This originally American company has launched a revolutionary method for not only providing the world with renewable cost-effective green energy, but also for drastically altering the CO2(carbon) footprint worldwide. 

The emission of greenhouse gasses, such as CO2 (carbon dioxide), is a big problem worldwide. In order to drive these emissions down, the Kyoto Treaty was drawn up in 1997. In this, it was laid down that in the period from 2008 to 2020, the emission of greenhouse gasses must be reduced by 5.2 per cent as compared with 1990. This can be achieved through the saving of energy and through the use of alternative energy resources. The need for energy from alternative energy resources has increased enormously since the Kyoto Treaty. This causes great problems: fossil fuels are not renewable, supplies are limited and, one day, will even be completely exhausted. A real solution is not only clean, but also costs significantly less. Marshall Energy Worldwide is able to provide this solution. With the introduction of Marshall Energy INC, a new era of sustainable, clean and renewable energy is being heralded.

Higher power

The basis of the company is a revolutionary technology in the sphere of renewable green energy. The founder of this technology is Mr. Michael J. Marshall. During the last thirty years, he has devoted his time and exceptional knowledge of mechanical and electromechanical energy to the development of a new type of generator, the Mobile Power Station. “The strength of the Mobile Power Station lies in the fact that our generator is designed in such a way that it can generate an exponentially higher amount of power at a fraction of the consumption of traditional generators”, according to Senior Vice President of World Operations Mr. Marshall. “Our smallest Mobile Power Station, the M4P2, is capable of producing 2 MW of electricity per hour. For this, nine hundred litres of bio-fuel a day is needed. To produce the same yield, a traditional generator would consume more than eight thousand litres of diesel. A considerable difference, therefore. Besides that, the CO2 emissions from the Mobile Power Station are minimal in comparison with those from a traditional generator.”


The Mobile Power Station is placed in a container provided with an underground fuel tank installation located in the vicinity of an end user. This method of implementation ensures that the power capacity is increased in a reliable and profitable way, says Mr. Marshall “It works in a cost-efficient manner. Because we are able to place the mobile generator close to the end user, we have little or nothing to do with the electricity grid. This offers a big advantage over electrical power lines, which are sensitive to loss of capital caused by long transmission lines, damage and insufficient production. The Mobile Power Station thus not only provides renewable green energy, but is cost-effective too. In addition, we are able to contribute to the realisation of the Kyoto Treaty through bringing about a reduction in the emission of greenhouse gasses.”

Employment opportunities

On 10th November 2009, the patent for the revolutionary technology was granted. Since then, the company has been making great strides in establishing a footing worldwide. Thus, the European head office was recently opened in London. Mr Marshall “At the moment, we are sitting around the table with companies in various European countries in order to get the Mobile Power Station operational. And with success.” The introduction of Marshall Energy Worldwide also means a turnaround in the sphere of employment opportunities. “The production line is being set up in Europe at this time. That means that we need a great deal of manpower. The Mobile Power Stations remain the property of Marshall Energy Worldwide. We emplace the Mobile Power Stations, we maintain them, we supply the fuel. That too means manpower, and thus employment opportunities. What we are providing is much more than sustainable green energy alone. Let’s change the World!”