Revolutionary technology from Marshall Energy Worldwide reduces emissions spectacularly

Marshall Energy reduces Emissions. World-wide, the alarm bells are ringing where climate change is concerned. Earlier this month, the French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, said during a visit to his American colleague John Kerry in Washington: “It’s Not Climate Change, It’s ‘Climate Chaos’. We have 500 days to avert a climate disaster.” Also, the third part of the recently-appeared climate report published by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) speaks of an alarming situation. However, thanks to the revolutionary technology of Marshall Energy INC, the emission of greenhouse gases such as CO2 can be dramatically reduced world-wide. This new industry is one answer to help save the planet.

According to the IPCC climate report, the emission of greenhouse gases will only decrease if firm new measures are taken. The largest contributor to these emissions is made by the production of energy. This is responsible for as much as 35 percent of global emissions. In the Kyoto Treaty, drawn up in 1997, it was laid down that in the period from 2008 to 2020, the emission of greenhouse gases must be reduced by 5.2 percent as compared with that in 1990. In its report, the IPCC states that this can only be achieved if there is a transition to a climate-neutral economy without fossil fuels, whereby no more greenhouse gases are emitted.

Minimal emissions

Marshall Energy Worldwide offers a solution for this. Thanks to a revolutionary technology in the sphere of renewable green energy, it is possible to substantially reduce the emission of CO2 by more than 80 percent. The founder of this technology is Mr. Michael J. Marshall. During the last thirty years, he has devoted his time for research and creation of the Mobile Power Station. This Power Station has been developed in such a way that it can generate an exponentially higher power at a fraction of the consumption of traditional generators. Where a traditional generator consumes more than eight hundred litres of diesel in order to generate 2 Megawatts of electricity per hour, the Mobile Power Station needs only 900 litres of bio-fuel per day. “Where climate change is concerned, we have a solution. Not only does the Mobile Power Station run on bio-fuel, but the CO2 emissions also amount to a mere 1% of that of a traditional generator. With this revolutionary technology, it is thus possible to comply with the Kyoto Treaty, as well as the meet the ambitious goals set by the EU to substantially reduce fossil fuel consumption by 2020.


The Mobile Power Station sits in a shipping container sized unit and therefore can be placed at any location required by an end user. This reduces power loss over transmission lines and revamps the present electrical grid distribution model. As stated by Sr. Vice President of World Operations Mr. Persoon: ”Since we are able to place the Mobile Power Station nearby the end user, we have little or nothing to do with the electricity grid. This offers a big advantage to power companies and consumers as cost and maintenance of long transmission lines will be a thing of the past. These reduced costs will be reflected in substantially lower bills to the consumer as the goal of Marshall Energy Wordlwide is to lower the cost of electricity to the public. The Mobile Power Station thus not only provides renewable green energy, but also complies with the demand to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and is cost-effective as well.”

Employment opportunities

On 10th November 2009, the patent for the revolutionary technology was granted. Since then, the company has been making great strides in establishing a footing worldwide. Offices are in the process of being opened in London and The Netherlands. Further, collaboration with energy companies from Belgium and France is already underway as well as outside the EU.  The introduction of Marshall Energy INC also means a turning point in the sphere of employment opportunities. “The production line is being set up in the Netherlands right now. This means that we need a lot of manpower. This new industry does not only create tens of thousands of new jobs, it also brings along a lessened carbon footprint ! The Mobile Power Stations remain the property of Marshall Energy INC. The power will be sold directly to Power companies at lower prices which will be passed onto the consumers. We deliver the Mobile Power Stations, we maintain them, and we supply the fuel. That too means manpower, and thus employment opportunities. What we are supplying is far more than sustainable green energy alone. Let’s change the World!”